What I’m currently working on

What I’m writing as we speak… well not as we speak, as you read this (there that’s better) is a short story with the working title Encroaching Mists. (I know very ominous, sort of, if you don’t like minorly obscured vision that is.) I’m also working on the world of Thrae, which is the base for a series of fantasy novels I will be writing with my mum Helen Scott Taylor, who wrote the Magic Knot series. You’ll be hearing a lot more about Thrae if you follow the blog.

Encroaching Mists is sort of a dark fantasy horror at least in its current state, It’s not fully developed really and I haven’t even finished the first draft so am not sure exactly what it will turn out being. I did also recently uncover the old files of my story Abel’s Trials which I was editing when i entered my third year in university and it got a bit pushed under the rug, but will probably continue that as I worked long and hard on it and feel it should at least see the light of day.

And in thanks to you, my most fantastic reader (you know who you are… yes you, don’t tell any of the other readers shh.) Here is a picture of an awesome monster from the game Shadow of the Colossus, if you have never played it go check it out it’s amazing.


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