Comics! reading and writing.

You may be wondering why on my author blog I am writing about comics? Well prepared to have your question answered and more. You see I’m also working on a comic book, It’s more of a backburner project I work on it a little here and a little there. The comic is a sci-fi fantasy sort of thing (I know incredibly descriptive, I certainly have a way with words.) Think Doctor Who combined with Samurai Jack but with dimension and time travel. I know sounds a bit… unusual but it’s an idea and world me and my often creative partner Mike Howard (Who’s animation Youtube channel is here and university film one is here) developed a long time ago and I’ve really been wanting to do something with it.

Ideally I’d want to get an actually good artist on board to do the artwork rather than me drawing it, but I can draw and if it comes to it I can try. I’ve never written a comic before but am using the software Celtx (Which is really fantastic, if you like writing scripts check it out) and should have it done a lot quicker now I have more free time and often when I procrastinate from writing or editing my book stuff I will write a bit on the comic… so should have it done in mere weeks then hahahaa… yeah moving on, this is a sketch I did of the main character called Stuckman (not as in he’s a super hero who’s good at being stuck that’s just his last name).

Stuckman pic1

Pretty much none of that design is final and Ideally I’d want to get an actually good artist on board as I said so this probably won’t even be the final style. But his armour will have orange bits, he will have a sword and he will be bald so those ideas are staying in at least.

So on to the reading part, a comic I currently have on the go by express order of my girlfriend as she said they where brilliant are the Sandman comics by Niel Gaimen.

I haven’t read much so far as I’m also trying to read the Game of Thrones books at the moment and want to get through them while also avoiding spoilers from the internet which is kind of a nightmare. The main character in the Sandman comic is Dream who is one of the seven Endless, who are all metaphysical things such as Destiny, Death, Destruction. The idea is very intriguing to me as I’ve always liked stories that feel almost mythological in the way they deal with beings such as gods and things in that vein but as main characters.

Anyway go give it a look if that concept sounds interesting to you and thank you very much for reading and here is an illustration of the dragon Shenron from the awesome show and manga series Dragon Ball and Dragon Ball Z which you should check out if you love cool martial arts stuff that isn’t particularly factually accurate.


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