My Novella and Endings

Happy New Year (nineteen days after New Year isn’t too late to say that is it? Yeah it probably is) well happy New Year anyway, anyone who reads this post deserves it I’m sure.

My first published work is out! I have self-published a novella called An Android’s Smile. It’s a Sci-Fi about a butler droid’s quest to find his missing master.

An Android's Smile cover

I would recommend it to any lover of Sci-Fi, but obviously I am a tad bias. But still give it a read if the cover of description catches your fancy, and then leave a review if you really like it. But if you really hate it just track me down and tell me how stupid I am, so I can avoid a bad review. But either way I would still be glad to know someone’s reading it.

So enough plugging, I want to address what really drove me to write this post, endings. Endings can be fantastic, they can wrap up all you’ve read or watched or played and make you feel like you had a full and brilliant experience. But they can also be horrible, leaving you with a feeling of incompleteness, of pointlessness, tainting an otherwise great experience up until those last few pages or minutes.

I felt it was an appropriate post for the end of a year, and the beginning of a new, but also 2015’s end has been, for me, an end full of endings. Around Christmas and past the New Year I found myself quickly finishing all my current fictions. I slowly accumulated a heaping of that odd feeling when that book you were reading or game you were avidly playing is over, and there is that sensation of, oh… what do I do now?

You see, as the year drew to a close I finished Fallout 4 (or at least the main story) and then finished the Sandman comics, and then the fifth book of the A Song of Ice and Fire series. The most interesting part about that is each ending had a very different ring to it.

Fallout 4 being the open sandbox that it is, still has hours and hours of game time which could be squeezed out, but as the main objective, you could say, was done, I found myself going back to it less and less. Then as Sandman finished, in a rather sad and poignant way (not wanting to give any spoilers of course so I wont clarify further) I was sad as I knew I couldn’t go back, it was over. But then with A Song of Ice and Fire, while sad that the end of all the books currently out was upon me, I knew there would be more, but potentially not for a while, almost more of a hiatus than a true ending. But still I was left without my beloved book, which I would bring around with me from place to place, and read whenever I had a moment. It almost felt like I had lost some sort of companion.

All that left me contemplating endings. I often find when I am reading/watching/playing something, that I want to just watch or read or play it all, get everything I can from it as quickly as I can. Which, while obviously I enjoy the experience and I enjoy having a big block of uninterrupted story, it means that the fictions that I find the most interesting always end quicker because of how enthusiastic I am about them. Sometimes it’s hard to sort of appreciate what you’re doing as you’re doing it, instead focusing on the idea of getting to its end, the idea of completion.

And I realise that the same thing has happened with writing my novella, An Android’s Smile. While I was writing it I was obviously working towards its completion, I was plugging away at it daily to get it finished, but now it’s done I remember how much I enjoyed creating, how much I enjoyed coming up with the next step of the journey, discovering the characters. So I think for my next book (Which should be a large fantasy I am writing with my mum, Helen Scott Taylor) I will make sure to try and savour each little moment, take some time to sit back and remember, I’m doing something I love right now, and couldn’t be happier.

Thank you for reading my post and I truly wish you all a good year to come. Here is an awesome picture of a hydra from the awesome game about climbing on big monsters and then stabbing them (which is always great fun) called Dragon’s Dogma.


Dragon's Dogma Hydra

Sourced from BagoGames here under creative commons licence.


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