My Road to Writing

When I was young I spent a very large amount of time making things up. I made terrible computer games, terrible animations, terrible films and even wrote badly spelled messes of books.

After I grew out of that lovely stage of childhood where you can try anything, completely unashamed no matter how bad it is I found out I was dyslexic, and while I didn’t have that unabashed courage of childhood to push me to trying anything and everything, I did know that I wanted to tell stories.

So I proceeded to continue my life of wanting to weave intricate tales that I loved to watch or listen too so much, but naturally because of my dyslexia I thought there was no way I could get my stories across through writing.

I eventually moved into a film collage course, I boldly thought “Now this is what I shall do, I will be a director of the ages, making stories that people will lose themselves in for years to come.”

Unfortunately, after doing a two year degree and then moving onto a higher university course (god it really took me a while) I realised that one: I wasn’t very good, and two: If I wanted to make the sort of things that I loved in film, primarily sci-fi and fantasy, I would be needing one hell of a budget.

Naturally being a student I had no budget, nor inclination to work for years on things I wasn’t really interested in before someone would trust me with the sort of thing I actually wanted to make.

Then I realised, it is just as hard to draw a contemporary scene as it is to draw a high fantasy one. So over a summer I learned to draw then transferred to the animation course across the hall from my film room.

I proceeded to realise the effort to content ratio to make animation was incredibly steep, I love the art form don’t get me wrong, but realising that the long epic sci-fi and fantasy stuff that I wanted to make was almost completely out of reach, I was quite despondent.

But, during my time in the animation course I managed to finish reading the first book in the a song of ice and fire series. That may seem kind of small for most people granted, but for me it was actually one hell of an achievement, I realised that I had overcome my dyslexia more than I had thought, and then I managed to finish writing my first short story.

Granted the story was terrible written, but I actually managed to finish it! I then realised I could finally do it, I could make all the stories I’d wanted to make, all the over the top crazy ideas I could imagine could all be done in written from without costing millions of pounds.

And here we are. Now I’ll try my best to make something good.


My header image I got through Creative Commons on here and it’s made by Mehmet Canli.

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